I just adopted my very own mannequin!  Yay!  His name is Big Kid =)  The only reason I got to take him home is because he is missing a hand, and apparently hands have been on back order for almost a year now, so work has now given up and decided to toss him.  So of course I was the first to claim him!

He’s going to be so handy for photoshoots when ever I need him, he won’t complain, and will be ready to shoot all hours of the night.  And let’s face it, he has a rockin body!  Although I have been a little uncomfortable with his nakedness so I must get him some clothes very soon.  He is the perfect size Large, and would look great in a Lululemon Essential V or Baselayer Henley =)

I look forward to making more MAN bags now that I have a solid male model on hand!

*****Each product is handmade from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

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To purchase visit my (still under construction) website or etsy store.

Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy these designs by punKyj by kimB!


About kimB

Taking things apart and putting them back together to look and function like something else makes me think that change is possible. Powered by website analytics technology.
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