Lisa’s Big as Can be Duffel! *Done*

This is part 2 of Lisa’s 4 part order of a Backpack, Duffel, Tote, and Pencil Case.  She has another smaller duffel from a past order, this time wanted one “Big.  As big as you can make it.”

I told her I’d truly only be able to make it as big as the biggest item she gave me without it looking like a patchwork quilt.  Because let’s face it, if she wanted a quilt, she’d have ordered a quilt, and the last thing I wanted to do was hand over a bag that looked like Raggedy Ann’s preferred travel bag.

Lucky for me, and Lisa.  She’d thrown in a pair of sweats!  Perrrrrfect!  After being cut apart at the seams they were long and wide!  Perfect for the front and back face of this bag!

The rest of the pieces weren’t so hard to find since size wouldn’t be an issue and it was only a matter of color at that point.  The cutting process for this duffel took a few committed days due to it’s size and the variety of different items I had to cut, as well as needing to patchwork some of the pieces together to accommodate the size of the bag.

One day in particular where I decided it would be in my best interest to make a loaf of Apple Walnut bread and coffee and eat that the entire day all by myself with Pumpkin Butter from Trader Joes.  I must say that it did keep me motivated to keep cutting! =)

And since I’m notorious for not documenting my process to make the next time around easier I tried my best to write down every step along the way so that next time I have a better reference and won’t have to re-create the process every time!  Although I do find joy in finding a new way each time.  It keeps me creative!

Since this is my 3rd duffel now I’ve got a pretty good grasp on how these work, and by the time I was done cutting and interfacing I felt like I was home free when I started sewing.  But with my history of breaking my machine, hiring the shoe store, and taking my bags to the local alteration shop, I got smart!  I went to the fabric store, after having a wonderful conversation with my fashion school buddies David and Daniel Concepcion, about the wonders of fabric specific needles!  I bought some heavy duty knit needles and denim strength needles to see what kind of difference it made in the process.

Boy do I feel silly.  After over 2 years of frustration, crying in the fetal position over jammed sewing machines I come to find out that all it took is an upgrade in needle…That’s probably a lesson I should have learned years ago.  Clearly Google only works if you ask the right questions.

With me and my new needle, I finished the edges with slight modifications to my last patterns, with just a small sense of unnecessary anxiety because the needles worked!  I do recall there being one small jam, but it was easily fixed when I turned my machine off, and back on again.  Easy Peasy!

When it came time for the strap, in true kimB fashion, I looked to some duffels I’ve acquired along the way, because I wanted this duffel to have the proper support.  So I used the rubber padding and hardware from the other bag to complete this duffel.

I do love how this bag turned out.  Very simple details, subtle color contrasts, and an easy overall feel.  The sweats were a life saver, otherwise it’d be a teenie tiny little thing.  And hopefully this works out for everything Lisa needs, and it’ll fit perfect with the small collection she’s started of custom By kimB creations!

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*****Each product is handmade and re-purposed from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

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