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I’ve had my head stuck in the sewing machine for quite some time lately and last week I was finally relieved last night with some much needed, mindless, crafting.

About 90%  (soon to be 100%) of the people that I work with have all jumped on the Hunger Games train in the last few months.  It’s all any of us can talk about, and there are constant cries from each one saying


So needless to say once we heard there was a movie coming out we lost it, and almost instantly there was a group of women, far too old for dress up, mapping out matching costumes to wear to the weekday midnight premier!

Last week before the premier was an official Hunger Games crafting night, where we got inspiration from pinterest and enrolled the help of our Stanford engineer to draw, because obviously you can’t have a legitimate Katniss costume without a mockingjay pin!

Every thing is extremely low budget and clearly our own interpretation of what all of this should look like but it was so worth the mental break, for all of us!

We covered some quaker oatmeal boxes with felt to look like animal hide, which was only $0.34 a piece!  Hot glue gunned some multi colored feathers onto the end of skewers from the grocery store and finished it off with some leftover straps I had from previous projects.

The end result was so cute and the night was a blast!

Every once in a while it’s nice to do something fun and mindless with friends!


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