Auntie Annie *DONE*

It’s Done Auntie!  It’s DONE!

I don’t even know where to start with this bag!  When I first started this sewing/business  adventure of mine, as PunkyJ, my Auntie Annie jumped right on board and asked me to make a replica of her favorite purse.  It was starting to break but it was the perfect size/shape for everything she needed.

Me being super ambitious, but skillfully challenged at the time, said “Of course!”  I knew that this kind of project freaked me out but I took pictures of it anyway and some general measurements and confidently took on the challenge.

It wasn’t long before the task ahead of me paralyzed me with fear.  I mean the purse had a ZIPPER!  Which at the time was non-existent in my area of expertise.  My area of expertise being square tote bags with absolutely ZERO hardware and lots of inhibition.

I finished a couple projects first, and that summer (2010!) and headed off to be a nanny in Martha’s Vineyard (for the greatest family!) and brought this baby with me.  I’d already drawn out the pattern, did what I’d thought was the majority of the cutting, and took pictures of the fabric that I was using (the shorts, and pillow cases.)  But every time I went to put it all together I’d hesitate and tell myself I’d just come back to it.

Well then comes January 2012 and I still have the pieces sitting pathetically in a bag in between my TV and sewing machine.  My poor patient Aunt never even gave me a hard time about it she just would politely ask from time to time how it was coming and if it was done.  I’d tell her, nervously, that it was fine…I swear I’ll be done soon!

So I finally made a legitimate To Do list and made a date SET IN STONE to be finished with this bag!


Honestly, I’m not glad that it took me so long to complete this purse.  BUT I am glad that I did have the sense to wait and not ruin it by rushing, because back when she ordered it I really had no idea how to go about making this purse and really wanted to make it good because she’s such a great lady and Aunt!

So hopefully it was worth the wait.

I have learned, for the future, that there is really nothing to be afraid of!  Now days if I can’t figure out a certain technique or how to go about a certain portion of a project, there is an unlimited amount of resources online to learn how to get them done quickly and easily!

Maybe I should start making my own video tutorials!  =)  Maybe in all my free time! haha

Well Auntie I hope it was worth the wait!

*****Each product is handmade and re-purposed from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

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