Grieving Big Mama

So you may have seen on my Facebook lately or just around the social media world that I have lacked pictures, updates and the whole nine.

Well It’s because I unexpectedly LOST my camera Big Mama!  If you’ve been here since the beginning you may remember when I first got Big Mama 2 years ago, before she had a name.  She’s been my right hand gal for almost 2 years to the day and I’ve been barely functioning without her!

I can’t document anything I can’t post any pictures.  It’s crippling!

But I will get a new camera soon.  I just had to re-research what I’m going to need this time around and see what floats my boat.

All said and done.  Here is a montage of my first day with Big Mama and the first pictures we took together with my brother (who taught me how to actually use that beautiful thing! =)

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