Say “Hello” to the new Baby Mama!

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So obviously I’m besides myself with joy!

1. Because I am constantly reminded that I am surrounded by people to care about me and no matter how many times I mess up and do irresponsible and inconvenient things, like LOSE my Big Mama Camera, they show me grace and show up for me!

which leads to

2. One of my incredible friends Paige, the most generous, selfless person I will ever meet GAVE me this seriously awesome camera because she didn’t use it and knew I would go nutso over it! And she was right. I did.

And still am!

I still don’t know that much about cameras, but Big Mama taught me a lot. So even at first glance I knew that this camera was legit.

And its so perfect. Before this camera I had a small powershot that my lovely boyfriend gave me for Christmas because it was hard for me to carry around Big Mama to all of the events and I needed something to throw in my purse. It didn’t have the quality that Big Mama did, but that’s ok because when I needed her she was there.

Although she was a little bulky she was a great picture taker. Even an amateur like me was able to take great pictures with a few quick lessons from my brother and a man in a van in Costa Rica.

I loved both of those camera’s, but in my heart of hearts I thought it would be ideal to combine them into one compact camera that offered all the bells and whistles of a Big Mama camera.

Lo and Behold, all it took was for me to go through the awful pain of losing BOTH of them, breaking it to my boyfriend, who thankfully forgave me…twice, and fall into a temporary self loathing state that made my friends feel bad for me. But ultimately got me this GEM!

I couldn’t ask for a better gift!

So welcome to the family Baby. Here’s to my new Baby Mama!

You’re a little jealous aren’t you. I’m a little jealous of myself =)


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