August update–Photoshop Trial and Mostly Error

Man oh man It’s been a long time getting a post out!  I’ve been having a brain battle with Adobe photoshop and losing like crazy!  I’m not the brainiac that I’d love to be and I’m scouring the internet for tutorials on how to edit and layer photos.  The tutorials are great except…I think some people forget how technologically lame a few of us are.

You know when you type in an address in your GPS and it gives you insanely obvious directions and we can really do without at least the first 5 directions!  The ones that basically tell you how to back out of your driveway, and how to get out of your cul de sac…

I usually get irritated by those directions!

BUT in the computer world I need those second by second, click by click directions and more *sigh*  If I have to upload a photo, you have to tell me to go to File-Open-select photo-Enter…etc… Unfortunately for me these detailed tutorials tend to leave out these details.

So I just spend the last 4 hours in photoshop trying to figure out how to put my logo on top of a photo.  I got it there…it’s just reeeeeealllly small.  Like the smallest thing you’ve ever seen.

But to look on the bright side I did learn how not to do what I’m trying to do =)

Hopefully sooner than later I can swindle some help from one of my tech savvy friends.  Until then I”m going to have to find an easier, quicker way to edit and post pictures!  Otherwise you will be sitting here READING word after word without any bright pretty pictures to make the time go by faster!

Thanks for stopping by!


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2 Responses to August update–Photoshop Trial and Mostly Error

  1. Shitij Bagga says:

    I understand your frustration. I was similarly frustrated at not being able to process my photographs with photoshop for years, simply because even I am not a brainiac at PS. However, I found some easy tutorials online for some good enhancements, and I’ve written a post on my own frustrating experience and finally some slight achievement with PS.

    Maybe you will like it:

    • kimB says:

      Thank you! Very helpful! And I was able to find some good tutorials as well, but in the end I had to call up a genius to have them walk me through it anyway =)

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