April Photoshoot

mari.K here and this is my first post! Woo hoo! 🙂
Before I start, can I just say that I’m so excited to be a part of the BykimB staff! I hope you are ready for posts about shopping adventures, adventures with Kimmy (ha!), the upcoming photo shoot, and many other topics. I’ll try to entice you as much as I can, I promise!

Well, here it goes (this long over due by the way):

In April, we will be doing a photo shoot for BykimB and might I tell you, I’m super excited! Currently, we (Kimmy, nikkiC, and I) are putting together some concepts for the shoot, which will be a lifestyle / product shoot (more about those later).

So, here is just a little background of BykimB, which some of you will remember as punky*j. Kimmy bought the domain name for punky*j and then decided to change names six months later to what we all know now as BykimB. After creating a new logo, getting her business license, and working on putting a website together (which is still under construction), Kimmy was like “now what?” Well, that’s where nikkiC and I come in! As a part of the re-branding process, Kimmy felt that it would be a good idea to do a photo shoot to help her get some branding materials together.

There are definitely some big decisions that need to be made since this is such a huge step for Kimmy and BykimB. We’ve been researching local photographers and coming up with some pretty cool concepts. Of course Kimmy has to sew new product before we can do the shoot, but you know…(aha!)

We are also supposed to be taking shots of locations (oops) and things we find absolutely amazing. So far, Kimmy has found a psychedelic bus; nikkiC has found one of the most amazing fire hydrants we have ever seen as well as the Moraga steps in San Francisco. I found a spooky, cool looking tree that reminds me of a Disney movie and a cool door at the Fort Mason Center.

Do you like our finds? Can you picture BykimB products on them?

Stay tuned!


*****Each product is handmade and re-purposed from second hand clothing and fabrics and is completely one of a kind, I couldn’t duplicate any of these bags even if I wanted too! It’s my way of going green and staying in style.

As always you can e-mail me at K.Barnes@BykimB.com or leave a comment. And if you’d like to view my complete collection become a fan of By kimB on facebook.

Or you can follow @BykimB on twitter. To purchase visit my (still under construction) website BykimB.com or etsy store.

Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy these designs By kimB!

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