About By kimB

My name is Kimberly.  For the entire course of my life, minus the three days after I was born when I didn’t have a name, everyone has called me Kimmy.  Never Kim.  But to this day I couldn’t tell you which I prefer.  And I hate when people tell you about themselves in the 3rd person.


I was a fashion design major in college but ironically strayed away from the fashion industry after college when I moved to New York.  I claimed that I didn’t want to be “creatively suffocated” by working for a corporation and ventured into many other avenues on my career path including but NOT limited too:  public relations, retail, nanny, fitness instructor, gymnastics teacher, birthday party facilitator, birthday party coordinator…just to name a few.

After I moved back to California in September of 2009 I decided that I’d finally make my way back to the sewing machine and into my favorite store…The Thrift Store!!!  I realized that while there are great finds at 2nd hand stores, most of the items in there will never be bought or worn again, whether weird or outdated, and I wanted to help give them new life!

So while driving back from a job interview I decided that I would make bags!  Out of all second hand clothes and fabrics, using nothing new!  My sister didn’t understand why I wanted to spend all those hours sifting through clothes and curtains in attempts to find great pieces.  But I knew how much I loved things that are one of a kind and I loved the idea that I wouldn’t be able to re-create any products again even if I really really really wanted too.

Not to mention that by using fabric with a previous life was just a small contribution to the “go green” movement.  I’ve always been a huge fan of re-using an item until it was practically gone.  (I was known to keep my pencils in elementary school until it was just a nub =)

So I hope that my long man hours scouring the aisle’s of thrift stores and making custom patterns so that I can make sure the entire logo makes it onto the bag pays off in the end!  And most of all I hope that you all can enjoy the end result as much as I LOVE the process!

Until we meet again thank you for stopping by and checking out what I do!  If you ever want to browse and see what’s new, you know where to find me.  And if you ever want to spend some money don’t be shy!  You can add By kimB on facebook or shoot me an email at k.barnes@BykimB.com anytime! ;-)


ME!  kimB

PS anything you see in my store or on this blog I can make custom for you with almost any shirt or clothing item that you want!  Just let me know and we can make it happen! =)


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